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In order to list a property, there are a few steps to take...

1. Enter in the Portal (CLICK HERE)

  • Enter the listing information into the portal. You will get automatic reminders over the course of a week to book your pics and send them to marketing along with your marketing requests. Marketing will do their best to help keep you on top of things!


2. Get listing agreement signed and upload executed agreement into Workspace

  • This must be done BEFORE your listing is set to a coming soon or active on the MLS 

  • Don't forget! If you have done three or less of each type of listing (sell and lease) your listing agreements must be reviewed by HQ (specifically Sloane) before being signed.


3. Book Pics (CLICK HERE)

  • If you are going to need to book photos, go ahead and do so now. The following are a list of CPR approved photographers. Got another photographer you like using? Send them to us! We'd love to add them to our list!

  • Once your photos are completed and sent to you, please forward ALL OF THEM to so we can have them for marketing purposes. If you are using Strata, you can just forward the email you get that says your photos are ready.

  • Many times photographers will offer additional services. Keep in mind, marketing can help you with day to dusk conversions ($4 per image) or virtual staging ($32 per image).

  • Want a features & upgrades sheet or love letter? Be sure to have your client fill out this form (CLICK HERE)


4. Complete the MLS input; save as incomplete.

  • Now it’s time to build your listing on the MLS.

  • NEED HELP? Book a meeting with a member of leadership (CLICK HERE)!

  • *If you have done three or less listings with Corcoran Prestige you must get your listing reviewed before it goes live*

  • If you need help writing a home description, write any points you know should be stated about the home and email We'll help come up with a nice polished description!

5. Add Photos

  • Once your photos have been sent to you, you can now add them to the MLS listing (note that some photographers upload the pics for you). 

  • Be sure to add descriptions to your photos. Your descriptions do not need to be long or, “flowery”, they can be simple and informative. 

    • Example of picture descriptions:

      • GOOD - Kitchen with upgraded appliances and finishes, including granite counters.

      • UNNECESSARY - This kitchen is a chef’s dream! Picture family dinners around these top of the line appliances and GORGEOUS  granite countertops!

6. Request Marketing Materials

  • We will create complimentary digital versions of our marketing materials. If you are fine with in house printing there is no charge! If you would like to order professional prints, we will get you a quote for the cost based on quantity and style.

  • What we can make...

    • Single Page Flyers (front and back)

    • Luxury Flyers (11x17 folded in half, front and back)

    • Features & Upgrades Sheet (Can be printed @ office for free!)

    • Nearby Informational Sheet (Can be printed @ office for free!)

    • Love Letter (Can be printed @ office for free!)

    • Tag Signs

    • Postcards (just listed, under contract, just sold)

    • Social Media Posts

  • Have a custom request! No problem! Just email all requests to


7. Make it live!

  • It's now time to make your listing live! *If you have done three or less listings with Corcoran Prestige you must get your listing reviewed before it goes live*

  • Note, do NOT make a listing active without pictures - you will get a fine from HAR. When your listing hits the market it's the first impression that matters. If your listing goes live without photos you are missing a big chunk of people who are getting notified of a new listing. Make sure your listing is 100% before making live. Need an extra set of eyes? Reach out to us and we're happy to review it with you!

8. Complete Preferred Showing Service

  • Once your listing is live, it will automatically import into Showingtime. You will need to add showing instructions and complete the Showingtime profile.

  • You are required to use a showing service for showings. Having your phone number as the appointment number is not allowed. You are free to also choose another showing service (ie: ShowingSmart)!

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